Friday, January 22, 2010

Winter Nature Walk

We had the most perfectly gorgeous day today.
It was such an awesome day for a nature walk through our favourite trail - Jack Pine.
We fed the Chickadees, red breasted nuthatches and white breasted nuthatches. We saw squirrels and lots of evidence of other critters.
All in all we has a lovely time and somehow managed to spend about 3 hours outside without noticing it!
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Snowflakes and Science

We got this great idea from the December issue of Chickadee (thanks for the reminder Karen!). Both the kids set up jars with blue food colouring and Borax. Then we suspended a pipecleaner / string contraption fashioned into a snoeflake shape. The next morning - voila! Very cool crystals that you can take out (if you actually used a wide mouthed jar as suggested) and hang.
Ev was heard to say that he "loves experiments and wants to do them everyday!"
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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Winter is here

We started a bit of a winter theme this week. Had some fun water colour painting. We used just blue paint and then wiped some off to make the trees. When we were done we sprinkled them with salt. They really glow in the light - too cool. This was so easy to do and both the kids had fun (me too - I did 3!)
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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Although we had plans to spend New Years Eve with friends we found that once again all the holiday frenzy had caught up with us and we just needed a quiet evening in to recuperate. Of course, that didn't mean we could have some fun!
During the day we spent some time out on the hill and then had a visit with Lauren so the kids got to play.
I spent most of the afternoon baking because the kids and Pat gave me a really lovely cake plate for Christmas and I felt obligated to fill it with cake. Here is our first ever Fudgy Pudgy cake. The top layer broke - a lot :) But it was still really yummy! Homemade cake really does taste better than the packages - who knew :)
We invited Grandma and Grandpa over to share the cake and some meatballs. We also played a rousing game of Dinosaus (cute board game).
Jenna stayed up until 11:30 - she was so close but just didn't quite make it until midnight. Maybe next year. Ev was in bed as soon as Grandma and Grandpa left.
A nice quiet evening with family - not a bad way to spend New Years Eve at all.
Happy New Year to all of our Friends and Family  - wishing you peace, prosperity and health for 2010.
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Another Fairy door!

Wow! Evan's new fairy friend, Willow, dropped by last night and left a new fairy door in Evan's room. Ev was pretty excited to find it this morning. 
Ev's fairy, Willow, left a note introducing himself  - turns out his favourite colour is green too. 

What a wonderful way to start a new year.  Full of magic.

Jenna left some chocolate out for the fairy's by her fairy door and it was all gone except for a tiny bit this morning. We saw some sparkly fairy dust that was left behind though. 
Maybe the fairy's were having a new years party of their own!
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