Saturday, April 18, 2009

When the Ordinary is Extraordinary

Pat just showed me the Susan Boyle video on YouTube and I was blown away.
At first I thought it was going to be one of those cruel videos where they made fun of this poor women - but NOT so!
How amazing is it that this ordinary women has this extraordinary talent. It is a reminder that all of us ordinary people do have extraordinary gifts AND that one should follow their dreams no matter what your age.
I am disappointed in myself, as I too (at least initially) fell into the trap of judging her based solely on appearance. I like to think that I am above such pettiness but apparently not so!
I know I don't know a lot about her, but she does seem like such a "good" person. It is nice to think that there are still "good" people in the world. Watching her lets me believe that there is hope for everyone - corny but true!
If you haven't seen this video do yourself a favor and watch it - it will make your day!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Place Value

This lesson was where the gnomes learn the value of their place...
Fairy Girl drew a rainbow and labeled it with the units, tens, hundreds, thousands, ten thousands, hundred thousands and millions.
We went up to thousands today = Fairy girl wants to get to millions by the end of the week :) For some reason she really likes millions!
We learned that each band of colour can only have 9 jewels in it. We also learned that when there is a jewel in the tens band that that jewel actually is equal to 10 jewels so we count by 10's), hundreds band is equal to 100 jewels etc etc.
At first she actually counted out all the jewels.
She practiced saying and writing the numbers.
We will keep practicing for the rest of the week.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dear Mom and Dad

I just got a wonderful newsletter from Dreamkids. In it, there was a list of "12 things I need most" from a kids point of view. It was a great reminder for me and I thought I should share.

Dear Mom and Dad,
I know I often talk back, roll my eyes and tune you out, but here’s the thing: I really, really do need you. Sometimes I think you forget that I’m just a kid and that I still have many special needs. So if I was able to, here are 12 things I would tell you I need the most…

1. Spend time with me and connect with me. It helps me know that I matter. (Not to mention that you are the most important person in my life and I really want to be with you.)
2. Please slow down and take your time with me. I cannot do things at your skill level or on your schedule.
3. Celebrate all of my little successes and cheer me on. It inspires me.
4. Honor my need for sleep. My body and my brain depend on it for learning and growing.
5. Protect my energy. Please keep negative TV, radio, conversations, and people as well as unnecessary stress away from me.
6. Hug me often. It helps me feel loved and special and it’s good for my developing brain.
7. Be as patient with me the 20th time you teach me something, as you were the first time. My brain doesn’t learn as quickly as yours and I sometimes forget.
8. Please don’t raise your voice—I’m not stupid or deaf. I am a child who is still learning and making lots of mistakes. Approach me gently with an open heart.
9. Challenge me but do not push me too hard to progress or achieve. Let me have fun and take pleasure in where I am today.
10. Respect me by speaking to me, not about me to others like I’m not there.
11. Set clear expectations and limits for my behavior. It helps me feel safe.
12. Be the person you want me to be. You are my biggest hero and I want to learn from you how to be in this world.

Idea for Action
Choose 1 or 2 ideas from this list that resonated most with you and commit to putting them into action over the next few weeks. Our children are the most precious gifts we have—let’s be sure to notice and honor what they need most

Dr. Kelly Pryde is the founder of DreamKids – a company dedicated to celebrating and developing potential in children and families. A speaker, author and mother of two, Kelly holds a Ph.D. in Psychology and offers inspiring and practical ideas for today’s parents. Join the growing DK family by subscribing to DreamKids’ free e-newsletter at: