Saturday, June 10, 2006

Jenna Singing

We aren't sure exactly what she is signing but she is singing - dancing too :)

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Evan Climbs the Slide!

Well Evan has now learned to climb the slide - I just wish I would have known ahead of time so I could have avoided the heart failure that occurred when I walked into the play room to find him halfway up. I guess if I will have to put socks on his feet so he can't get a good enough grip to climb :) Anyway - here is a really cute video of him climbing.

Evan has gone from kinds moving around to crawling very quickly and with great purpose - watch out world here I come!! He also pulls up on everything so I am guessing that walking is not that far off - then we are in real trouble.

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Thursday, June 8, 2006

Gymnastic Graduation

Jenna Graduated from Gymnastics today. She did so well :)
She really looks forward to going wevery week and is really quite good at it. I can't beleive all that she has learned this session. I see teh results at the playground where she is now fearless on the monkey bars as well as pole jumping! She says that gymnastics has made her soo strong.
Way to go Jenna! Posted by Picasa