Sunday, February 12, 2006

Evan Update

Well, Evan is now well over 20 lbs and sitting in a bigger carseat. Still backwards but his head was over top of the infant car seat. Now life is a little more complicated because if he falls asleep we can't just bring him in in his "bucket".
Our little guy doesn't do things the normal way. He was cranky and i thought he was teething. I just couldn't see the teeth - I assumed of course that since he had his bottom two that the next ones in were the top ones to match. However, when he opened his mouth really wide I couldn't help but notice that the two "fangs" were in - hence his new name, FANG.
Evan is really liking the fact that he can roll over and over until he can reach something so now all the small stuff has to come off the floor. He can't quite sit on his own yet but is working on it - he just really prefers to stand!