Thursday, June 30, 2005

Party #2 - Am I three yet?

The whole family came over for a BBQ today to celebrate Jenna's 3rd birthday (one day early). Jenna and Mom went out early to get balloons for Ashlea and Jenna. Every girl needs a ballon on her birthday!
Jenna was very excited to see Ashlea and Teagan. We even remembered to say "
Happy Birthday" to Auntie Brenda (a little late).
Presents were everywhere. Soooo exciting!
Auntie Brenda, Uncle Scott, Ashlea and Teagan got Jenna some cute furniture for her Dora house, a Dora bracelet with lip gloss (please see lips above) and lots of stickers (yay!). Uncle Mike and Heather brought a very cool game called "Cariboo" as well as a Dora craft kit and window writers (we need to discuss those Mikey). So much fun! Grandma and Grandpa brought Jenna her very own baby who has eyes that open and close AND she was wearing purple pj's - it doesn't get better than that.

It took Mom two days, but she finally finished making the Dora cake. It was a rainbow cake with lots of icing. Jenna just wanted to eat the icing and Ashlea prefered just to eat the cake. Great combination.
We caught Ashlea and Jenna discussing being a big sister while eating dinner. Ashlea was giving Jenna some pointers. Pretty darn cute :)

All in all a success - the girls all went home sleepy. Jenna was a little wired so it took her a while to fall asleep. However, she did have to get ready for officially turnign 3 tomorrow and Canada Day too.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Party #1 - Jenna's Birthday Party with Friends!

Jenna had a few friends over to help celebrate her birthday. Emma, Zoe, Sara and Natasha came over in the morning and we did a craft (fabric painting a bag), played, had some snacks and then decorated rainbow cupcakes.
Jenna got the best presents. Emma and Zoe gave her some lego and stickers. Sara and Natasha gave her somee stamping markers, a Dora craft kit and stickers. Do you notice a theme :) Lot's of stickers. We gave the girls a beaded peurse and some stickers (of course) to take home with them.
Lots of fun had by all. Overall a big success. Not bad for our first party with friends.