Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Story of the World 4 Resources

I wanted to place all of the links I will use for our Story of the World 4 adventure in one place.  I will try and post resources and links we use for each chapter as we go along this year.

I found some great general resources for Story of the World 4.
We are using a wonderful free Literature program from Classical House of Learning.

Chapter 1: Britain's Empire
Victoria's England
The Sepoy Mutiny
  • Read, Outline and complete map, SP 3
  • Vocabulary:
    • sepoy - native Indian soldier
  • Videos: 

Ch 2: West Against East
Japan Re-Opens

The Crimean War

  • Florence Nightingale Biography notebooking page
  • Read:

  • Videos:

Ch 3: British Invasions
The Great Game
Wandering Through Africa

Ch 4: Resurrection and Rebellion

Italy’s “Resurrection”
The Taiping Rebellion

Ch 5: The American Civil Wa
South Against North
After the Civil War

Ch 6: Two Tries for Freedom
Paraguay and the Triple Alliance
The Dominion of Canada

Ch 7: Two Empires, Three Republics, and One Kingdom
Two Empires and Three Republics
The Second Reich

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Well, the first day of Spring has come and gone.  I can't say we can really tell though... There is still a LOT of snow.
It seems a little surreal to be thinking of bunnies and spring flowers.  However, Easter IS just around the corner.  We decided we needed a little reminder that Spring will be here soon - in spite of all the snow.
So, here is our first Easter project this year.  A little origami bunny.  This bunny was super easy to make and we were all pretty happy with the results.
Pictures here are Bob, Periwinkle, Primrose and Lily.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Math & Giant Snowflakes

 Both of the kids have been working really hard in math lately.  But, it seems to be dragging on and on, so I decided to spice it up with a bit of geometry and fun this morning.
I found a post on angles and snowflakes at Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational..  The kids enjoyed it.  A refresher for DD and some new info for DS.
We learned about right obtuse and acute angles.  Then I showed them how to measure them with a protractor. We set off to find some angles of each kind.
When we finished that we were on to the fun stuff.  Each kid had a stash of popsicle sticks and access to a glue gun.  We started with a base of 6 sticks at 60 degree angles.  When the base was built they both just built symmetrically on to the base.
Just to give you an idea of how big it is :)
I think the results were pretty cool :)

Monday, February 4, 2013

This Means War!

Full body armor - check!  Ready for a Nerf gun battle with Dad.  Unfortunately, Dad did not have full body armor,  which caused him to lose the war.  Maybe next time Dad!
I thought the armor was quite creative LOL!

Lord of the Dance

Jenna and I had a girls night out and got to go see a performance of Lord of the Dance.  We went with quite a few dance friends and had a blast!  The highlight was meeting the stars of the show after in a meet and greet that Jenna's TC, Jennifer,had arranged.  The girls got a chance to get autographs and to chat with the dancers.  What a fun night!
Lord of the Dance - meet and greet with the cast

Friday, January 4, 2013

Window Stars

January always seems the perfect time to add a little colour to the house.  After all the Christmas decorations are down it feels positively naked around here!  We decided to fold some Waldorf window stars.  They are fairly simple to do, and the results are always spectacular

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bird Seed Wreaths

I found a great idea on Pintrest (love that site) for birdseed wreaths.
It is really simple.  We used a large bundt pan.  Next time I think we will use smaller ones, so that there are several wreaths to hang around the tree.  I have also seen something similar done with silicone molds for funky shapes.
The hardest thing about this recipe was waiting for it to dry.
J also made a pine cone bird seed feeder at a friends house.
Now we have birds that like to visit our tree!

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Solstice Fairy Door

Look what we found by the Christmas tree this morning!
A Christmas Fairy door :)
Happy Solstice.
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Family Skate Night

Evan has really been enjoying skating lessons / hockey this year.  Finally something that is just for him!  His skating has really taken off.  It is incredible the difference a couple of months makes.  
Monday night was bring your family to skating night.  Ev brought J. Pat and I took pictures :) He zipped around and showed off his moves.  J coughed a lot and tried our some moves of her own.  They are both going into skating lessons after Christmas.  It will be something fun to do and get us out of the house on those long winter days. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Gifts to Make

J really hasn't been feeling well this week so we have been using our downtime to make Christmas gifts for friends.
We started off with hot chocolate on a stick - yummy! I found a bunch of recipes on pintrest but settled with this one.
It was super easy and the hot chocolate is amazing! Try it with cocout milk. So yummy! If you like the tags let me know and I will send you the file.
Here is the basic recipe:

HOT CHOCOLATE ON A STICKOriginally from: Givers Log
-16 oz really good chocolate--we used some Belgian Chocolate from the Bulk Barn
-1/2 cup cocoa
-1 cup powdered sugar

-3/4-1 cup HOT milk, or coconut milk for those that can't have dairy. Hot water works too - but it is not as rich.

-ice cube tray to mold
-lollipop sticks or even craft sticks.

Yields about 2 dozen sticks

Break the 4 chocolate bars up into smaller pieces, and melt in a double boiler on the stove top. You can also use the microwave if you have it. Stir chocolate until smooth. Add the cocoa and the powdered sugar and stir well. The result is a really thick chocolate paste.
You can use a piping bag or a HEAVY DUTY ziplock bag and pipe chocolate into molds. I just used spoons.
We used ice cube trays as our molds. The ice cube trays, when full, hold about 1oz of chocolate. Wack the trays on the counter a few times to get get the bubbles out. We took this opportunity to add crushed candy cane to the tops of some of them.  Add your sticks, and put in the fridge for about 30 minutes.
Keep sticks in a closed container to store. You do not have to store these in the fridge.
We packaged our is little cellophane bags and tied with a ribbon.  Then we packaged 4 of these bags in a white gift bag, added some tissue paper and finished it off with tags.

The next project was candy cane bath salts and milk and cookies bath soak. Again, these were super easy and so cute. I pretty much followed these directions and used her free downloadable tags. Again - thank you pintrest.
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Vicious Vikings

We have been having a little fun with the Vikings lately.  According to our History Odyssey curriculum, this should be one week.  However, add in 2 sick kids, Oireachtas and Daddy's birthday  - we ended up at 4 weeks!  Ah well.  They learned and they enjoyed.
We finally finished up the subject today.  In honour of the last day we made Viking Apple Juice (apples boiled in water with honey).  It was pretty good too.
The kids enjoyed writing their names in Viking Runes and reading many of the Viking Tales.
We have been really enjoying the Horrible Histories by Terry Deary.  I highly recommend the Audio versions - lots of fun sound effects!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gummy Bears

OK - maybe not actual Gummy bears, cause who has bear candy molds just hanging around the house. However, we did have some funky ice cube molds from IKEA which worked just as well.
We were inspired with this recipe. We used a small package of regular Jello - not the sugar free version like the recipe called for. The kids do NOT need any aspartame in their diet. Regular sugar is better than that chemical any day. Can you tell I have strong feelings about how evil Aspartame is? :)
The recipe was pretty easy overall. The kids enjoyed making goo and then melting it. The shapes turned out way better than I expected. They just sort of peeled out of the molds.
One note, if you leave them out on a plate and it is really warm they will start to melt :)
They were also very cute covered in sugar. Unfortunately because of the heat the sugar sort of melted away. If you refrigerated immediately it should be OK.
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sidewalk Paint

We made some really neat sidewalk paint today. I mixed up soem cornstarch and 4-6 drops of food colouring in muffin tins. I let the kids add water and stir once we got it outside (I didn't want to chance a big mess while walking accross the white carpet). Stir until smooth - make sure not to add too much water.

The colours go on a little pale. However, they dry very nicely.

The kids found that the smooth waslkway stones worked better than the driveway.

Can you tell we have Harry Potter madness around our house? Normally kids write their own name - mine write names from Harry Potter :)

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


This is what I found in the playmobil basket the other day. Santa dressed for a knight battle. It made me smile.
This is why I love Playmobil. All the sets work with each other. If you want the faeries to join in on the pirate ship they can.
If Santa wants to fight with the knights - why not?
Gotta love it.
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Monday, August 15, 2011

She is under!

Jenna set a goal for herself this summer. She wanted to learn how to swim. So here we are in August and guess what? She swims! No lessons - just determination. So proud of her :)
This was something she decided to do in her own time and her own way - we just provided the opportunity. I guess when she sets her mind to do something she will.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Upper Canada Village

We went to Upper Canada Village today with Brenda and the girls. Somehow 5 hours passed in a blur. As usual, it was hot! The kids had fun though and got to ride the tow scow and the horse wagon, they ran sack races and three legged races and dressed up. They even milked a cow. Ev was pretty upset because we missed the last train ride - by about a minute! Next time though.....
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Monday, July 18, 2011

Brain Box

I had the chance to visit our favourite toy store, Play Value Toys, n the weekend.  I found two great games for the kids.  The kids love them.
The first was one of the Professor Noggins card games.  We had never played any of them before.  I got the "Birds of North America".  We played this one in the car as we were going to the cottage.  I like that it had an easy and a hard level so kids and adults could play fairly together.
Now I to get the Middle Ages one for history this year.

The next game was really great though.  It is a BrainBox game from the Green Board Game Co.

There are 56 cards with images of paintings from the National Gallery (in the UK not Canada).  You have 10 seconds to look at the image.  Next you pass the card to another player and answer a question about the image.  It's kind of like "Kim's Game" that we used to play in Girl Guides.  
I love this game because not only does this expose them to different art and artists but it works on practicing their observation of details and their recall skills (mine too!)
Now I want to go out and get more games in this series - it's probably over kill though :)  Maybe I can convince someone else we know to get some and then we can trade - anyone?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Toad Season

This is a little guy Jenna and Pat spotted in the grass. Guess she inherited Pat's eyesight :)
I l ove that the kids enjoy looking for all sorts of critters. They constantly find new and exciting bugs, insects, other critters, etc.
We let this one go in the cedar trees so he woudl stay safe and sound and not a bird dinner.
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Friday, July 8, 2011


What a fun adventure. We drove down to Syracuse on Saturday night and met Julie's family at the hotel. The next morning we were off for and adventure. First plane ride for all the kids and for Pat. The kids enjoyed it and Pat survived it. I think he would prefer if he was actually driving the plane.
The Gaylord hotel was amazing! We had a day to see some sites and settle in and then the girls danced. I was so proud of them both. J got one away from recall. Not bad for a girl still in Prizewinner. She was so pleased with herself too. What a great experience.
The kids loved the pools - they had underwater music :) Pat loved Cooters, the Dukes of Hazard Museum he found. He introduced the kids to the General Lee.
We flew back the next day. There were delays with both of our flights so we got in really late. The next day we met up with Julie and Co. again and drove home. Lunch at Bob Evans of course - it was so nice to have veggies as an option. The kids were sick of chicken strips and fries. They actually ordered broccoli without any promting from us :)
It was an amazing trip - but it was still great to come back home.
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Friday, July 1, 2011

Canada Day

Happy Canada Day! J is celebrating this year by dancing at the Canada Day park close to our home. Then we got to home and have cake with our cousins. Then back to the park for fireworks. Now for packing, only one day left until Nashville!
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Harry Potter Birthday Party

Jenna asked for a Harry Potter Themed party this year. We had a lot of fun with this one :)
The invitations were an acceptance letter to hogwarts along with a train ticket for Hogwarts express.  The letter had a Hogwart logo on the top and the writing was in green ink.

Dear ,
We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for a special mid-term session in honour of  "Childs name" 9th Birthday.
Please take a Muggle mode of transportation to the King’s Cross London Platform 9 3/4 where you will be transported by the Hogwarts Express Train to Hogwarts, currently disguised as a Muggle home at 123 Your address here.

The term commences at One Thirty PM on Saturday June 25th, 2011 and will finish that same day at Four Thirty PM.

Please RSVP by Owl, by the Muggle email system to or the Muggle telephony system at 123-456-7890.We look forward to your arrival at Hogwarts.


Professor "your last name" ,
Deputy Headmistress of Frolic and Feasts,
Hogwarts Academy

Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
(Order of Merlin First Class, Grand Sorcerer and Chief Warlock, Supreme Mugwump International Confederation of Wizards )

We started off in Diagon Alley and made wands.  These were really cute wands made with thin wooden dowels and the handle was made with wooden beads.  I got the idea from here.

After we made wands we moved onto transfiguration.  To do this I made up cards with pictures of some of the magical creatures in Harry Potter (email if you want a copy). We taped one of the cards to each child's back.   We said that we were doing a transfiguration spell and it went horribly wrong.  In order to be changed back to a human you had to guess what creature was on your back (the kids had a chance to see all of them before hand).  To have some help with guessing you could ask others a yes or no question. For example "Do I have 4 legs".  The kids all did really well.  As each guessed they came back to me for a new creature.
We were also going to platy  charades here but moved on because we spent a lot of time on the other game :)

Next up was Potions Class:

Potions was so much fun.  I "borrowed" a lot from the ideas from  Dirt and Sunshine.  She has amazing print outs and ideas!  We used some crystal pitchers for the "phoenix tears (vinegar) and purified water.  We had a very cool lizard pot for the mandrake root baking soda) and a nice bowl for the dandelion root (yellow baking soda).  The kids did their potions in some plastic cups from the dollar store.  We used dollar store shot glasses for their individual portions of phoenix tears.   The potions experiment was from the Dirt and Sunshine website.
The other Potions activities was a "wishing" lava lamp.  This was oil, water, food colouring and sparkles in a spice jar.  Lessons learned: 1. An adults should have control over food colouring at all times :)  2.  Let kids know that the 4 tubes of sparkles are for everyone and not just one or two kids.  3.  Hot glue the lids one as the oil is tricky!  Other than that they were great fun.  One or two drops of colouring is what looks best.

Then we moved onto Charms class.  The kids made a wishing charm to slide onto a necklace.  They did this by wire wrapping some beads.  They were a talented bunch!

At this point the kids went shopping at Honeydukes candy shop.  I had bags printed out with a Honeydukes label and their name.  We had the candy all set up in bowls on a sideboard.  Nothing like  alot of candy to impress 9 year olds.

At this point we were supposed to have divination class which consisted of tea leaf reading a la Dirt and Sunshine's "Unfogging the Future."  We hot glued tea leaves to the bottom of dollar store teacups and then loaded more tea on top.  The glue even washed out in the dishwasher so they were totally reusable.  The kids liked this one.  We also had "cootie catcher" fortune tellers with a Harry Potter Theme.  If you would like a copy let me know. 
The cake was a "Princess Castle" cake redecorated as Hogwarts.  We also had "magic" drinks that turned colours - pretty cool.

There were so many helpful links I found.  Here is a list of a few of the ones I found particularly helpful:

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer Days

We had a great day at the cottage today. The kids spent a lot of time catching minnows with their nets. I remember doing the same thing as a kid. The water is warm, there aren't many bugs and the weather is perfect. Fingers crossed for a whole summer filled with these days!
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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Music Recital

Ev had his first piano recital. He played "Old Blue" and played it beautifully. It was his first time playing on the big piano vs. our keyboard at home.  We are all so proud :)

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